Victory Athletics Fitness Program

Thanks to the GPD Foundation, Victory Gallop's Victory Athletic fitness program continues to grow.

The Victory Athletics fitness program aims to provide coaching, training, and guidance to children and young adults dealing with mental, physical, and emotional disorders. This is accomplished by using physical activity to stimulate the body, mind and spirit of each individual who participates in the program. By showing these individuals that they are capable of more than they realize, the program instills confidence and improved self-esteem in those who may otherwise not have such a mindset.

The benefits of routine exercise have proven to be numerous, the Victory Athletics program capitalized on this fact, using exercise to better the lives of individuals who may normally not benefit from the many positive effects of exercise. Victory Athletics provides a safe, and private location for these individuals to experiment with physical activities they may otherwise be unable to participate in, such as weight, speed and endurance training, yoga, cross fit, calisthenics, hiking, and other related activities.